The Lush Bath of Dreams

30th May 2016

Le Manoir de Beaumarchais
Lush Bath of Dreams
I wrote a post recently about staying the most amazing manor/castle/house goals. As you will have seen it had the best bath a girl would dream of. Like a pinterest/tumblr worthy bath, that no pictures could justify. No lies here when I say it was one of the main reasons I wanted to book up!

Still close to Disneyland Paris, we went to Val d’Europe. Just to pick up a few last minute bits before our Eurotrip, and also because I knew there was a Lush store there! Not wanting to pick up my usual Comforter; I wasn’t sure what to pick up as it was for both myself & Chris, so when the guy came up to us and was suggesting lots I was all over the store smelling everything! He was the nicest person I’ve personally ever dealt with in Lush and the fact he spoke very good english helped alot. Once we had chosen the Brightside bubble bar, the guy even helped Chris pick out some skincare & also gave him a little tub of shower gel to try. Always helpful on a roadtrip!

Lush Bath of Dreams

Anyway, back at our room, we grabbed our complimentary robes and popped them right above the radiator (is there anything better?) and started our bath. The man had told us to either crumble the bubble bar up and add it after running the bath or when the bath is running which will make bubbles. I’m all about that bubble bath life so Chris didn’t really have a choice! It made the most amazing orangey smell, but subtle just like a orange version of the Comforter, so it was a win win for me!

What did I think of the Lush Brightside Bubble Bar?

Loved it didn’t I! It didn’t stain my casper skin like the Comforter can do sometimes. We laid in the bath for a good hour with our drinks and it was amazing! Yes we shared that bath, it was ma-hoooosive! The bubble bar made lots of bubbles, the more the better in my opinion! It made the bath a vivid shade of orange, but I wouldn’t expect anything less from Lush, would you? I will definitely be picking this up from Lush in the future. I think that goes to show I need to venture into other products from Lush & not just my usual!

Lush Bath of Dreams

Lush Bath of Dreams

Have you tried this Bubble Bar from Lush?