Monthly Recap | Easy like a Sunday Morning

31st January 2016

Cosy Sundays are the best. Chilling on the sofa, blanket on, coffee in my favourite cup and a good tv show. Almost every day this month has felt the same, not that I’m complaining.

January Monthly Recap -

We’ve binge watched Making A Murderer this month, like most other people. What’s your opinions? I could have a full on discussion on the subject. I went through all the emotions, and now there’s even more coming out on the subject. Did they? Didn’t they? Uh, I hate not 100% knowing the truth!

From a recommendation of a friend we’ve now started on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which you’ll enjoy if you’re a Big Bang Theory fan. It’s got Danny DeVito in too, so you know it’s going to be good. Nothing has quite filled the Breaking Bad shaped void in my life though, help. I’m even tempted to rewatch it because I’m still unsure what to do with myself and it’s easily been six months since I’ve seen it.

January Monthly Recap -

If you keep up with my blog regularly, you’ll know that last month we had to get a new sofa. (why does everything seem to go wrong at Christmas?!) Well this month I got a throw for the sofa and an almost identical dog bed for Olly & Izzy. Is that weird, I’m trying to tell myself it’s not. The dogs are obsessed with their new bed too.

What’s been the highlight of your January?