Why I like the new Instagram Stories

8th August 2016

Instagram recently did another update. The last one was the silly algorithm that pretty much everyone hates. But this one included the new Instagram Stories thing-y!

I’ve seen mixed reviews on it because obviously it’s very much like snapchat but without the filters. Now, I’m partial to a filter that instantly adds makeup or gives me a flower crown. However, I actually really like the new feature on Instagram!

Instagram Stories

Why I like the new Instagram Stories

I don’t need to switch between apps
This sounds silly, but I don’t always get time to check snapchat. Often, I completely forget to have a look on there and just check the usual; Twitter and Instagram. It’s really nice to have it all in one place.

People I follow are already there
I don’t want to go out of my way to find peoples snapchats. I follow a few people on there but it’s mainly just friends. So, it’s nice that the people I follow on Instagram are there and I don’t have to stalk them to find their username

It’s nice to get to know people behind the pictures
I’m nosey, everyone is surely? I normally follow people on Instagram because their whole aesthetic makes me jealous! But it’s lovely to meet the people behind that. Is their life really all about the struggles of which lipstick to choose? Do they really spend that much time in Starbucks?

I’ve actually dabbled more in posting on the Instagram stories bit than I do my snapchat, so you can follow me here if you like a good nosey too!

What do you think of the new Instagram Stories feature? Let me know!