Holiday Nails

20th June 2016

I’ve been loving all the colours on my holiday nails. Over the past month I’ve had bright colours, grey for pretty much a full week and pastel colours galore. I don’t think I’ve ever kept continuously painting my nails for so many consecutive days because once it chips I usually just get annoyed and either, take it all off or just pick it off and have gross nails for a week. That’s my usual look haha!

Holiday Nails

Holiday Nails | PS… Quick Dry Nail Polish in 03 Pink

I’m shocked at how good this nail varnish is in terms of coverage. Considering it’s a very muted pastel pink, I only needed 2 coats and it was completely opaque. Perfect for anyone like me, who can’t function when they’ve just painted their nails!

I can’t say much about how fast the nail varnish dries because I honestly didn’t notice the 60 second thing until about 3 hours later. So of course I walked round using my palms to open everything and typing on my phone like my mum! I’m gutted the lasting power of this isn’t amazing. I’ve already chipped a couple of nails, but I’ve ignored the temptation to pick them, would it be bad the just paint over the top?

Holiday Nails

This is one of those ‘I look so chic and fancy’ easy to pull off colours. Considering these polishes are only 60p, this colour is amazing. I’ll definitely be wearing it during the Summer months; if we get any in the UK! It would also look amazing as a wedding guest or to posh up an outfit.