My Top 3 – Herbal & Green Tea

11th July 2016

My love for herbal and green teas has completely grown since the beginning of the year when I started eating better and having a generally healthier lifestyle. At first I started with the generic green tea and like everyone had told me it’s ‘got an acquired taste’. Then I discovered the world of flavoured ones! This stuff does wonders for my sleeping and energy but also my skin got so amazing within a week of starting drinking them!

Top 3 Herbal Teas

Morrisons Hint of Mint Green Tea

This was the first one I picked up and it’s only £1 for 40 tea bags! It’s become a firm favourite of mine. I usually have one of these just before bed as I find it’s my relaxing tea. It’s a bit pepperminty and takes the edge of the harsh green tea taste. If you’re just getting into green teas this is one you should definitely try

Loyd Blackcurrant & Elderberry Herbal Tea

When I googled this to double check prices it’s apparently £10+! I definitely didn’t pay this price and I’m pretty sure I picked mine up in my local b&m for under £2! Looks like I grabbed a major bargain! This herbal tea is so lovely, it’s like a warm, comforting hug in a mug. It’s fruity but not horrible like Lemsip haha! I love this on down days and at my time of the month, it honestly soothes me (that sounds weird I know). If you spot it cheap, grab it!

Top 3 Herbal Teas

Twinings Salted Caramel Green Tea

Out of the three this is the most costly at £2.69 in most shops however, insider tip, it’s always on offer for 2 for £3. So not that crazy price but delicioussssss. This is one that if you haven’t tried it, it’s a must! It’s all the salted caramelly goodness that you want, minus the gooey goodstuff and all the added calories I need to stop myself having!

Are there any Green or Herbal Teas I should try? Let me know as I’m a bit addicted!