15th June 2016

The past few weeks I’ve been very anxious, panicking a lot and not really thinking about all the good things I’ve got going on. I love doing happy posts that make me actually sit and think about what I’ve got going on that make me smile.

5 happy things march 2016 -

My happy things, see more HERE

1) I’m currently on holiday, we were doing a Eurotrip but now we’re sunning it up in a private villa in Spain for two weeks.

2) We’ve got our next 3 Disneyland trips planned. One straight from our holiday, one at the end of July for my sisters birthday and then the 3rd for Halloween. I’m so excited it will be our first Halloween trip and our first soirรฉe too!

3) During our Eurotrip we went to quite a lot of different places. But a place I’ve always wanted to visit was Lake Como, I’m not going to deny it was a little bit of a let down. Nonetheless it was an experience and it’s ticked off my bucket list now!

4) I forget just how supportive Chris is. After a major meltdown he completely changed all his prepared plans, calmed me down and made it all okay! He’s a keeper.

5) My instagram theme is still going strong and I’ve been posting so much more over there, you can follow me here

What’s one of your happy things at the moment?