Our Custom Disney Ears

1st June 2016

I’m a disney fanatic. Always have been, but the past few years I’ve taken it up a notch. When I was younger I never went to any Disney parks, I was one of those kids who didn’t actually know they existed. Probably for the best because I definitely would have annoyed my parents to go every week. I went for my first time in 2010 with college and I was hooked.

Chris and I’s first time to Disneyland Paris was back in December 2014 and since then we’ve been every December, to Disneyland Anaheim on our America travels and most recently have got ourselves Annual Passes. With the promise of many more DLP trips, I had to get us some custom ears.

Our Custom Disney Ears

The only minnie ears we’ve had before are the stereotypical Minnie black & red, and Chris had the Mickey Fantasia ones. But for pretty much anyone who’s been to a Disney park, you’ll know just how uncomfortable and painful these can get (probably because they’re for children haha!).

After scouring Etsy, I found some I really loved but they weren’t the Rapunzel ones I wanted. I messaged Danielle the owner of CherryBlossomWales. After a few messages & many pictures back and forth, she said she would be able to get them for our last minute trip!

Disney is the place of no shame and to be a big kid so even Chris got some! We obviously went for punzie & eugene, because they’re just the best! I couldn’t wait for them to arrive. Danielle managed to get them to us before our trip, which was a fortnight later.

Our Custom Disney Ears in front of the castle
I absolutely loved them as soon as they turned up! And so did all the characters (you can see some of those over on our weekly vlogs). Myself and Chris have had the best character interactions since we’ve had them, check some out on my insta. They’re so comfy, just like a normal head band and it doesn’t feel like someone is squeezing your skull! Since getting them, our pin addiction has kicked in too. Chris has added a pascal & flynn ryder pin to his ears which you can see over on his instagram.

I love them so much, that I think I’m addicted. I’m ordering more and I can’t wait to see other characters reactions. CherryBlossomWales doesn’t just sell Disney ears though, you can see all the other things Danielle sells on her instagram; including brushes, phone cases & disney prints too!

Make sure to check out CherryBlossomWales & make sure to let me know if you order yourself some!