Catch Up with our America Vlogs

Our America Vlogs are all live on YouTube! I’ve finally got around to editing our final vlog from our America Road Trip last year. Don’t shout at me, technology is to blame, promise.

We had the most amazing month, and I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. We’re currently, literally as I write this, seeing if we could go back and do another road trip. It is more likely to be Orlando and that sort of are but knowing Chris another could happen!

America Vlogs | Bunn and Games

I hope you all enjoy them as much as we enjoyed filming them. It gives me so much wanderlust seeing them all together. I wish I could be back there. Bring on Summer please!

The America Vlogs

If you watch them all let me know your favourite one! And subscribe to more vlogs from us if you like 😀
I hope I’ll be able to show you some more very soon!

  • Wow… you’ve seen and done so much! It’s pretty amazing 🙂
    I did a road trip through Europe with my husband a couple of months ago and it was brilliant.

    Well done you two!!

    • helen bunn

      We’re doing a Europe roadtrip at the moment :)!

  • Mellissa Williams

    I did almost exactly the same road trip last year. We loved the Pacific Coast Highway Trip. San Diego was lovely. We added in a trip to Napa valley which I would highly recommend

    • helen bunn

      Yeah Big Sur is incredible! Hopefully will do another in the future so will make sure to put Napa Valley on the list, thank you x