5 Happy Things

30th March 2016

5 happy things march 2016 - hrb.co.uk



We’re off to Disneyland Paris next week, Rapunzel is out doing meet & greets, we’re going to the Wild West Show & we’re getting Annual Passes. It’s fair to say I’m very excited! Follow me on Instagram I will more than likely be spamming over there.



My house is full of flowers, the spring clothes are out, the weather is getting slightly better & the nights are lighter โค๏ธ.
There is a downside, hayfever has hit me. But we don’t need to talk about that.

??60 days in


If you’ve not heard of this, google it and watch the trailer. It’s basically about 7 people going into a prison and only the Volunteers, the Sheriff and one other person know about it. They go in to find out what’s wrong with the system and in particular, this jail. It’s filled the Breaking Bad void, didn’t think that would ever happen. Watch it & Thank me later.

?Our 3rd Wedding Anniversary


Can’t believe it’s already been 3 years since we got married! Although I was very stressed this time 3 years ago, I’d do it all over again!

?Finally getting a foundation that matches properly


I finally got matched up in Mac & it turns out I’m the palest shade. I got a tester and when I went back to buy the full size the lady asked if I was “sure with the colour as it’s very pale”. Yes I’m aware that I’m practically see-through, yes I’m okay with it. No more blending until my arm falls off!