5 Guilty Pleasures

29th July 2016

We’ve all got them and let’s just be honest with ourselves. There are some not so guilty pleasures like binge watching a full series of Orange is the new black or having an extra bit of chocolate even when you definitely know you should avoid.

I’m not sure I should be sharing these, but at the same time, I’m not really that embarrassed. Let’s be real, they could be waaaaaay worse.

5 Guilty Pleasures

My Guilty Pleasures

Watching Re-runs of the hills
Surely everyone has seen the momentous moment LC did the whole “I want to forgive you and I want to forget you” at least twice right? If not, you’re seriously missing out.

Something pleases me about watching the hills from the beginning, I always forget how much I loved it and all the drama. Watching The Hills was what actually made me add whale watching in Santa Barbara to my bucket list and now I’ve done it!

Those sped-up makeup videos on facey-b and insta
Urm, something is so, so satisfying about watching someone have a full face of makeup in like 30 seconds…

I get lost in a hole on instagram with these, I would choose these over the food ones anyday of the week. Why does it please me so much?!

Listening to nostalgic music in the car
Everyone loves a good bit of a jam in the car, but I love blasting 90’s tunes and having a good old sing-a-long. Another slightly guilty pleasure is Tim McGraw tunes, I was brought up with them and can we give shoutout to Pitch Perfect 2 for including one, thank you very much!

Musical Films
I swear when I was little it was my life passion to know all the songs and dances from High School Musical and I still know pretty much all of it to this day. Pitch Perfect is my favourite film and I’m not ashamed, and give me footloose over The Notebook any day.

Planner Videos
Go ahead show me all the stickers, show me how you’ve planned out your week. It sounds like the most mundane thing to watch but I would happily sit and watch an hour long video of someone telling me how they’ve styled their planner that week, I bloody love it!

Let’s share! Tell me one of your guilty pleasures, we’re all friends here