ebay wishlist – Christening

My latest eBay wishlist is because I’ve got my neices Christening coming up at the end of May and I’m stuck with what to wear. It’s a day thing but with a do that will probably carry on into the night. I needed an outfit that wasn’t too ‘wedding’ style, but was still dressy and would look nice in pictures. Because that’s what we all hope for isn’t it?
ebay wishlist - christening look
I’m a little bit in awe of this dress, I feel like I wouldn’t do it justice but that doesn’t mean I won’t try! I was unsure what accessories would go, it’s actually quite a hard colour to pair things with. Black was too harsh and I’m not brave enough to even attempt to pull off white. Grey was a happy medium. Paired with these block heeled sandals and a simple clutch, a simple outfit to let the dress do the talking.

The earrings are a bargain £4 but in my opinion look pricey! My favourite kind of bargain!

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