What I Would Wear To The Races…

6th February 2015

Cheltenham Ladies Day 11th March 2015

The four day event in the racing calendar known as “Cheltenham Festival” is one of the most anticipated yearly fixtures. Not only for the Gold Cup as-well as St. Patricks day, but Ladies Day is full of glitz and glamour.

Every year there’s a vast array of fashion icons modelling this seasons top colours and styles. Having only started in 2007, Cheltenham Ladies Day has certainly made a name for itself and with fabulous Best Dressed prizes on offer, the Cheltenham fashion creates a Buzz.

The festival is held in very early spring, although its a traditional Jump festival it demands an outfit somewhere between ‘dressy’ fashion and ‘practical’ wear to tackle the british winter weather. Do you choose sophisticated dresses, or warm tweeds? This is what I’d wear:IMG_4151IMG_4140

This bargain dress was only from ebay, it is very easy to dress up and is so so comfy to wear so would be perfect to be in all day! Paired up with this belt it goes from your average dress to much more! Come rain or shine these shoes are just on point this season and are elegant but with that little bit of something. My bag was a steal from Primark hense I don’t have a link but it’s such a comfy clutch to carry but also has a long gold strap if it gets to that point in the day where I just can’t be bothered to carry anything. I’d love to be able to add a completely over the top hat but I can honestly say I 100% wouldn’t be able to pull it off, so for me a fascinator would be the way to go, either a classic all black everything, or with gold garnishings or glitter.

What would you wear to the races?