What I found in the Primark Sale

12th May 2015

I can’t be the only blogger that feels the need to take photos or swatch something I’ve bought before I wear or use it, or am I?

We popped to the Metrocentre last week and I initially went in looking for a pair of shoes/sandals, the ones I popped here. But with no luck, and I’m going to search my local Primark for them. Also, it’s 2015 why can’t I order from primark online?!

Anyway, whilst we were there I scoured around for some clothes and to be honest nothing crazy jumped out at me, also the Primark in the Metro makes me so claustraphobic it’s unreal! It wasn’t even a weekend! I pulled out a few things from their sale which was pretty big but only ended up getting these 3 things, but I’m very happy with what I got!

I’ve been after some ripped skinny jeans for a while but didn’t want to pay too much, because I’m so short I didn’t know how well they were going to suit me. I tried these on, and they are a little bit long but you can’t tell with a bit of a heel on or turned up slightly they look really nice. They’re high waisted too and suck me in so I’m definitely not complaining! They were £5 so in my opinion a steal!Primark rippes skinny jeans - hrbx.co.uk

Primark rippes skinny jeans - hrbx.co.uk

I’m a massive fan of maxi dress and jumpsuits but I wanted something not so long so I could dress it up and also be able to wear it as a casual thing, Chris actually spotted this I think! It’s the perfect length, I tried it on with a fringed cardigan that was meant to be in the sale because it was slightly damaged but apparently not, so I’m on the hunt for that too now because they looked so nice together! This was also £5! Primark Midi Dress - hrbx.co.uk

I’m not too sure how I’m going to wear this skirt but it was £1 so I couldn’t say no! It’s floaty and covers all my insecure areas which is always a plus. I’m not really a skirt wearer just because I never really know how to wear them. But I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone a little bit and try it with a couple of things. So maybe expect an outfit post with this in the near future.Primark skirt - hrbx.co.uk

I’d love your suggestions of how to wear this skirt or what to pair it with, has anyone found anything good in Primark lately. Sale or not?