What I found clearing out my Make Up Drawer

9th October 2015

So I’m just going to defend myself for a second. The majority of my make up has a lovely home in my drawers downstairs. But does anyone else have stuff from when they moved out of their parents house that they just haven’t had the chance to sort through? Hope that’s not just me.

Anyhow, we’ve been sorting our house out since we’ve been back from America aka sorting our lives out. And it comes time to sort the drawer with all my make up in, great. I learnt 2 things, one being I didn’t realise I had worn make up for so long and the second, I need to sort my make up more regularly, oops.


Blue Mascara – I’m not talking the off black navy blue, nope. Apparently teenage Helen wanted Neon blue eyelashes. 3 things, Who let me out the house like that? What would possess someone to buy me that? and where the hell does a probably 13 year old have to go to wear such a bold  eye look haha!

6 half used pots of dream matte mouse – I was allllll over that as a teenager. What’s worse is it used to completely cling to any lines or dry patches you had on your face, and my face is stupidly dry! Not a great look. I must have kept losing pots of this and just getting a new one instead of finding it. Teenage Helen clearly didn’t understand the value of money, sorry Mum!

My old Go to Mascara – it’s that old it was a collection 2000, anyone remember that? Old school. It was really gross and all dried out but ahhh nostalgia.

Glittery eye shadow pencils – in an array of colours. Baby blue, green & baby pink. Just why? Also, really smelt of plastic.

Charlie Red body spray – I still like this now lol! Pretty sure you can still get it too.

Brown Lipstick – A no name, no label, black tube lipstick. Probably got it free in a magazine back in the day.

I’m cringing so much thinking how long I’ve had these and they’ve just been sat gathering dust and taking up space. It’s safe to say they all went in the bin, urgh.

Also, I just went to find my old myspace to get a picture for this post. A) wow it’s changed, B) I’m cringing so hard at all my old photos hahaha! And C) can we just take a second to appreciate the fact I must have taken time and effort to add about 5 effects to that photo and thought it actually looked like profile pic material, howling at myself.