16th August 2015

So you’ll already know if you read this post, that for a long time we have wanted to go and road trip around America. The original plan was that we would do the whole of the US for our honeymoon but that didn’t happen when our front room floor fell through!

That means for at the very least 3 years we have been saying we would do this. Well we are! eeeeeek!ย Last week we booked our flights. And we go in 4 days!
Vegas, San Francisco, San Diego and LA! Excited is an understatement.

Our car is booked, and we are doing a road trip! I still can’t believe it’s happening.

I’m writing this whilst majorly procrastinating from packing. Because although I’m majorly exciting, packing is sooo tedious.

If anyone has any recommendations for where we should eat or what we should see please let me know!

Also, we will be vlogging our trip over on our YouTube channel, so if you’d like to see what we get up to (definitely Disneyland!) then make sure to subscribe to us!

Back to packing anyway, omg I’m so excited.