Twitter Chats

25th February 2015

One of the best ways to get to know other bloggers and find new blogs is the weekly twitter chats. Themed hours about certain subjects and themes. Alot of the time these are hosted by different bloggers about specific topics and questions, other times it’s just general chit chat. There are alot to keep up with and it’s very easy to get confused so here’s a list of all the relevant chats I know of. I’ve added links straight through to make sure you can jump right over.

#fbloggers (fashion bloggers) – 7-8pm – For fashion bloggers.
#bdib (bloggersdoitbetter) – 7-8pm – For all types of bloggers.

#fblchat – 8-9pm – For fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.
#bloghour – 9-10pm – Anything and everything, usually a specific topic.

#lbloggers – 7-8pm –  For lifestyle bloggers.
#bbloggers – 8-9pm –  For beauty bloggers.

#crazybloggers – 7-8pm – Anything and everything.
#fbloggers – 8-9pm – For fashion bloggers.

#gbloggers (gorgeous bloggers) – 7-8pm – A chat for all bloggers
#bdib – 8-9pm – For all types of bloggers.

#socialbloggers – 6-7pm – All kinds of bloggers.

#lbloggers – 7-8pm – For lifestyle bloggers.
#blogchat – 8-9pm – Anything and everything, usually a specific topic with questions.
#bbloggers – 8-9pm – For beauty bloggers.

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