The Creative Blogger Award

The lovely Chloe Danielle nominated me for this so thank you! 🙂 You should also check out her new YouTube channel.

creative blogger award -
This is how it works:

•Thank the person who nominated you and add their blog link
•Share 5 facts about yourself
•Nominate blogs and add their blog links
•Notify the bloggers that you nominated for the award
•Pass the rules along.

1: I love travelling, but my favourites always involve road trips
2: I have two pups, you can read about them here, they’re cute
3: I’m married, and have been since I was 20
4: I’m quite possibly the palest person you’ll ever meet. My skin may as well be transparent
5: I have the weirdest sense of humour

I nominate:
#Just Alice
Allegra Sarah
Aim in the Game
Haul & Dupes
Cat Print Paws