Summer in the UK

7th May 2015

jenna marbles jogging

Looking out to see the sun, but leaving the house
and it’s blowing a gale and instantly regretting all life decisions

On the other hand, thinking it looking chilly and it being the completely opposite

Suns out guns out as soon as there is a glimpse of heat, if it’s over 15 degrees it’s scorcing

Constantly complaing how hot it is, true brits

Having a fight with your covers every night,
but not wanting to open the window because bugs and stuff

Pimm’s O’clock

Planning a full day out on your day off, because the
weather man says it will be sunny. but the whole time it rains

Leaving your coat at home because the weather looks lovely. Guaranteed rain

Everyone thinking they’re the BBQ king, just no.

Every conversation starts with either “it’s lovely weather today” or “it’s hot outside isn’t it?”

Layering up on sunscreen because our skin is so
used to being hidden under 5 different layers or ending up like this

But spending all our spare times outdoors, because we know it won’t last
summer in the UK -