Say hello to the smoothest legs ever!

22nd April 2015


I’ve seen everywhere and more so just over-looked “viral” sites (you know the ones that spam facebook!) posting about different ways to shave your legs for the best results. I awkwardly ran out of shaving foam and desperately need to do that last minute, I should have shaved my legs, shave. So, crossing my fingers and hoping for the best I grabbed my conditioner and smothered my legs. I started to shave and it felt exactly the same as it would as if I was using gel or foam, believe me I checked about 5 times that the hair had actually gone!

But then after I got out of the shower, oh wow! My legs felt like I had been sat in moisturiser for days, so so soft and really incredibly smooth! I recommend you try this, it’s insane and considering the price of shaving foam/gel for what you get, with these results I am using conditioner for the foreseeable!

Have you tried this? Let me know your results.