On Our Travels : Sidari (through Snapchat)

21st July 2015

I’m already having major holiday blues, I can only imagine this post is going to make that worse *sob sob*.

This photo heavy post – sorry not sorry – is just basically our holiday through (mostly) snapchat! Lot’s of selfies and very pretty sunsets.

How can you complain at that? Like literal perfection!


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Obligatory drunk snapchats

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We hired our own speedboat, and for anyone that knows me knows that I’m A) terrified of getting lost and B) terrified of the sea. But I’m so glad I did this, it was honestly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! I won’t share with you the video of me jumping off the boat because it’s pretty embarrassing, but lets just say I swallowed my monthly intake of salt in one mouthful!

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Just one last thing before I finish this, I’m majorly conscious about my body, so the fact I have just posted pictures of me in a swimsuit on the internet is crazy! Please be nice *hides face*