My Dry Skin Saviour

3rd April 2015

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At the best of times my skin is only a little bit dry, but even the slightest change in weather effects it. Which in turn means make up just looks terrible and my skin feels tight. The past winter was just another one where I tried to battle on and ignore it, using what I could to put moisture back into my skin. But then I decided to research any ways that I could put moisture into my skin that I hadn’t tried, I read the usual of what I had tried with steam baths and moisturiser straight after and the obvious of moisturising everyday. Like I hadn’t tried that before?!

Anyway, I stumbled across a thread on a forum – I wish I had it now to source back to – where all the comments where mentioning there mums, nans etc. had used Astral. It’s an all over body moisturiser and it’s thick.IMG_1130

To me the word “thick” in a moisturiser terrifies me! I have dry but spot prone skin, so once my skin is happy with something I will use it forever, i’ve just never found something to combat my dryness. But if my skin doesn’t agree with something I’m putting on it I can spend the next two weeks with really painful, under the skin spots that just refuse to budge.

I’d got to the point where I was using a thick moisturiser and 2 hours later my skin would feel tight and was actually starting to become sore, no thank you.

I just went for it, for under £4 there was no loss really, if it didn’t work on my face I would just use it for my body instead.


Let me tell you, this stuff is an absolute god send, no word of a lie. You use the smallest amount, better too little and add a bit than too much. Believe me I made that mistake one too many times. If you use the right amount it can take 5 minutes to soak in, it doesn’t break me out in the slightest, in fact I would say this helped with not doing so. My time of the month came round and I didn’t have any of my usual breakouts and that’s a first for me!

My make up seems to last longer as well as looking way nicer and more flawless. I couldn’t recommend this stuff enough. If you have dry skin just try it or are just looking for a little more moisture, I doubt you will regret it.

Let me know if you’ve tried this or are planning to in the comments 🙂