Meet my dogs..

18th May 2015
Meet my dogs -

Olly & Izzy

So my baby girl has just turned 3 so I thought it would be the perfect time to write this post and let you all know a little bit about our two rascals. Why we picked them and where we found them.

Meet my dogs - got Olly in December 2011, Chris instantly fell in love with him. The rest of his litter were like little Rottweilers and he was different, when we went to see him he ran up to us and then grabbed a tennis ball (that was the size of him!) and tried to climb the stairs, with him being so small he failed but he was adorable! The man we got him from told us his litter was “puppy pad trained” to which Olly decided to walk next to the pad and wee on the floor. He was hilarious and nothing has changed! However, he is the most chilled out dog you will probably ever meet! The first 6 months we had him he was mostly around cats, and i’m pretty sure he thinks he’s one of them! He isn’t one bit bothered about cats, but he hates dogs, so that’s not great! He is a true representation of small dog syndrome. He’s the most loving and cuddly dog and he literally is my baby.

Meet my dogs -, we’d had Olly for 6 months and we were looking after a friends house who also had a puppy. Olly got on with her like a house on fire! This is when we decided to get Izzy, we spent a while searching for her and she just stood out, look at her little teddy bear sit! Since we picked Izzy up, the two of them have been inseperable but couldn’t be any different! Olly is lazy and Izzy is not in the slightest. Izzy loves nothing more than running around or playing fetch and being by my side 100% of the time. She follows me to the loo (tmi?) and also sits in the bathroom if i’m in the bath. Although I claim Izzy is Chris’ dog, she is my baby girl! But she can be Chris’ when she’s doing laps of the house and we need to go out haha!

Olly and Izzy are both Jackawawas, which is a Jack Russell x Chihuahua. Olly is around 6 months older than Izzy, but they’re both 3. When we were researching, we wanted a dog that didn’t require 15 thousand (slight exaggeration?) walks a day, and that didn’t moult like it was going out of fashion. When we started looking for small dogs, Jackawawas kept coming up, but then like I said, Chris fell in love. We searched for both our pups on ePupz. This site is really good, as it is monitored and also is 100% about the welfare of the dogs, so if you’re looking for a puppy I definitely recommend the site. The last thing I’ll say before leaving you with some cute pictures is, if you’re looking for a puppy do your research and don’t just go for the first pup you see!

Now for the pictures.
Meet my dogs -

Meet my dogs -

Meet my dogs -

Meet my dogs -

I know this is small but I couldn’t help posting it, true representation of how chilled Olly is!

And if you couldn’t tell, my pooches are very spoilt!

I literally have a Pinterest board just for them! (may contain some secret pictures of Olly as a pup)
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