How I Clean My Make-up Brushes

5th February 2015

headerI have to admit I don’t clean my brushes as much as I probably should! I’ve read so many different things online about how often and how you are supposed to do it, but this is how I do.

I tend to wash my brushes around once a month, depending how much I use them, if I just want a rinse I will swirl them on a baby wipe for a quick fix.PicMonkey CollageTo start off I get plenty of kitchen roll and lay it out on something, I use a tupperware lid. I just find this means less mess. I have seen people use old towels, I just find it easier to be able to throw this away afterwards. I then use my No. 7 Make up Brush Cleaner and squirt a few pumps in the middle of the tissue and then start swirling my brush on it, swirling and then wiping it onto the dry part of the paper.

Once i feel like my brush is clean, I wipe it on a dry piece of kitchen roll to get the excess cleaner from it. I then make sure the bristles are back in the right shape for the brush and pop it on a towel to dry. This process takes me less than 5 minutes for each brush.IMG_1004 IMG_1008

How do you clean your brushes? Are there any products you’d recommend?