Disneyland Paris 2014

I apologise in advance for the heavy photo post, or not if you’re a disney fan!

I hope you like this post, including all the selfies. oops!If anyone is a disney fan, I strongly recommend you go at christmas, you will not regret it.
I can honestly say this was the most magical place I have ever been!Also, we forgot to take our DSLR 🙁 so all photos & videos were taken on an iPhone 6.*I own all of these photos and videos ©

  • Wow, it certainly looks as though you had an amazing time! Especially at Christmas, every photo just looks so magical x


  • Wow, these photos are amazing! I love Disney and really want to go to Disneyland Paris. I’ve only ever been for Halloween which is fab so can only imagine how amazing Christmas time is 🙂

    Charlee | charmedcharlee.com xxxx

    • i’d love to go at halloween too. yeah christmas was really magical x

  • Ahhh I love Disney! I’ve never been to the one in Paris, only the theme park in Florida and I love it! I wish I could go back soon but tickets are so expensive. Hopefully next year 🙂

    Love the photos!


    • hopefully we will go to the one in florida this year! I can’t wait to go to either again this year

      thank you x

  • Looks like you had a brilliant time! I want to go! xx