Blogmas Day Two – Oh Christmas Tree

2nd December 2015

Blogmas Day 2 - Oh Christmas Tree -

This years christmas tree is themed red and silver instead of purple and silver. Why? Because I found these baubles in Primark for like ยฃ3ish, and they’re Disney, so why not?
Blogmas Day Two - Oh Christmas Tree -

This is the first year we get to use our Disneyland Paris Baubles and I’d forgotten how much I loved them. I’m pretty sure that I’ll grab some more this time round too.

I’m still having to battle with Izzy as she’s still stealing baubles, I’m honestly waiting for the day the whole tree falls down, not fun Iz!


You could probably say my tree is Disney themed rather than anything else! OOPS. We got our new tree from IKEA as it’s smaller than our 6ft one so fits in the living room better. I grabbed some decorations whilst we were there too, so I’d definitely recommend checking if you’re after some affordable but really nice baubles and things.

Have you got your tree up yet?