Blogmas Day Twelve
Two Perfect Christmas Drinks

12th December 2015

Blogmas - Day Twelve - Christmas Drinks
Christmas is a time for hot chocolates and a few cheeky drinks, so I’m going to show you my two favourites!
First off, as I’m not really a drinker very often I’m giving you the non-alcoholic one. Costa Coffee’s Black Forest Hot Chocolate mmm! This is only available around Christmas which is slightly upsetting, but at the same time it’s always paired with their Christmas cups so double the reason to love them. Honestly, if you’ve never tried these you need to. Your life will be changed.

Blogmas Day Twelve 2015 -
Now the tipple. We call them snowballs but I’m not sure if these are the same as Eggnog. It’s basically a mixture of Advocaat (I’ve just looked and it’s 14% wow!) and lemonade. This doesn’t taste alcoholic which can be dangerous but it’s perfect for me as I hate the test of most spirits which is another reason I don’t drink. For me a snowball whilst watching a Christmas film is my idea of a perfect night in. I’m old before my time!

What’s your drink of choice at Christmas?