For the men In your life. written by the man in mine

3rd December 2015

I’m no blogger so apologies if this doesn’t read right! I’ve been asked by the wife to write a Christmas gift guide for men by a man. Is it just me, or did that sound really catchy. Anyways, if you’re lazy gift buying, or just really struggling to buy a present for the man in your life, I hope this list helps you out in some way. If it did, leave a comment below and let us know which Item you purchased.

Jean Paul Gaultier – £23.16 – This has always been my fallback after shave ever since Helen bought me it what seems like centuries ago. I’ve had many Christmas’ come and go with new gift sets full of body smellies however I always find myself crawling back to Jean Paul.

Belgian Cherry Beer – £2.49 – This stuff is made from Gods I’m 99% sure. The taste of this just reminds me of Christmas. Im not a regular drinker, in fact, I rarely drink other than celebrations however every Christmas I like nothing more than a few of these and some Snowballs! If your man enjoys a true Ale, get him a selection of Bacchus they sell it in a few different flavours however Cherry (Bacchus Kriek) is my personal preference and the Raspberry goes down well too.

Nike Free 5.0 – £100 – I’ve never really been one for buying high end trainers, it’s usually just a case of what’s good value for money when my last pair are on their last legs, however after hiting the outlet stores in USA especially the Nike factory shops, I picked myself up a pair of Nike Free 5.0s on the cheap. I’ve literally not taken these off my feet since we landed back in the UK. They are by far the comfiest shoes I have ever worn, whether I am just running round to the corner shop, or going out for the day, I feel they can go with quite a few outfits, but hey, I’m just a man what do I know!

Bosch Cordless Screwdriver – £19.99 – There is method behind this gift idea. It’s probably one of the most used presents I have received over the years. I didn’t think there would be that many occasions when you need a good screwdriver in your life, and what a difference it makes. DIY becomes a doddle, well I thought I’d mastered it until the curtains fell off the wall recently but hey that’s another story! This packs an almighty punch for under £20.

California Car Scents Coronado Cherry – £2.90 – These have been in my life now for about 7 years, however not many people have actually seen them. I think they are slowly being stocked in the UK in recent years, but they are the best air freshener ever! I always keep at least one in my car at all times, however they’d be just as effective around the house or at work. The funny thing about them, is even months after you feel like they’ve ran out, your friends will get in your car and comment on how amazing it smells 🙂 A stocking filler at under £3 and I can guarantee you can’t go wrong with these if he drives. They do a huge variety of flavours as-well but the Coronado Cherry is definately my favourite out of about 10 I’ve tested so far. It smells like Cherry Bakewells.