4th December 2015

Blogmas - Day Four - Winter Lipsticks -
I’m sure everyone swears by red or dark lipsticks in winter time. I’ve decided this year I’m not just going for those, not going to lie though, there is still two of those in the list!

The First one is MUA Matte Lip Lacquer in the colour Reckless. The picture doesn’t do this colour justice at all. But this is a very pigmented red. Link Here I’m a little bit obsessed with these lip lacquers as there staying power is insane! Honestly such an underrated product!

My second favourite is also MUA, but this is a nude in the colour Tranquility. This is a very recent purchase but I love it. Somehow it makes my lips look so much fuller and I’ll definitely be pairing this with a bold smokey eye. I love this colour!

Blogmas Day Four -

Lipstick three is one I got in America, it’s Milani number 50 in the colour Velvet Merlot. Can I just say how insane these smell! On par with Macs vanilla scent. The colour pay off on this lipstick is so good, I just wish it’d stay on longer! But so good for a night time meal or something.

Lastly, number four. Trusty old mac, this has been my go to all summer. Even though it isn’t per say a lipstick, I needed to include it. It’s so easy to wear and always looks good, no matter how your make up is done. As it’s a lipliner the staying power is obviously really good, and I don’t find it drying either, bonus!

What are your winter lipsticks?