Good Girls are Bad Girls – 5 Seconds of Summer

For anyone that knows me, they will know I’m a teensy bit obsessed with this band, especially playing live. Now, i presume most people will have heard of them, however not everyone will have their album.
This song has been out a long time and fans have gone through the struggle of only live recordings, but now they have released their debut album, there is finally a studio version!
I feel like this is the kind of song that once you have listened to it, it is constantly on repeat. Definitely for me anyway.
This is 5SOS performing Good Girls at the iTunes Festival 2014.
I hope you’ll all agree, 5SOS sound amazing live!
I was lucky enough to get to see them support One Direction this year, which was probably up there with my all time favourite concerts and I am looking forward to seeing them on their own tour next year!
What is your song of the week?