Layering Up!

23rd September 2014
As Google decided to tell me it was the first day of Autumn (with the cutest little gif i must admit). I thought what better time to write a post about simple ways to layer up the season.
All of these clothes are from boohoo, so are well made, and not going to break the bank!
Always a bonus.
Whether you’re chilling round the house, doing some grocery shopping or going out for the day with the other half, this outfit it perfect. A foolproof way of looking like you made an effort, but whilst being casual and comfortable at the same time!
Top / Jacket / Leggings / Shoes / Snood
This set would be great for any day to night. If you’re going from Uni to a date, or the office and off for a meal with the family, this ones for you. Layers are so helpful when trying to dress up or down and outfit.
Top / Jeans / Cape / Shoes / Hat / Bag
A dinner with the girls or an anniversary with the other half coming up?
A little bit of a heel; but you’re not going to break your neck. Also, the snood! Because what girl hasn’t done their hair and then it’s been ruined by the rain?!

Dress / Jacket / Shoes / Snood